Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

July - December

Table of Contents


Overview of Smart Communication in Light of LTE PDF [Full Text]
Zia Ur Rahman, Ihtesham ul Haq, Ejaz Ali, Suliman Shah, Kamran Ali Shah 247-251
Healthcare Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network: Architecture, and Enabling Technologies PDF [Full Text]
Zia Ur Rahman, Ihteshamul Haq, Suliman Shah, Ejaz Ali 252-256
Active Learning To Verify The Safety Of FIFO Automata PDF [Full Text]
Aroosh Amjad, Bilal Zahid, Pir Ammad Ali Shah 257-261
The Salient Features of Future Enabling Technology PDF [Full Text]
Ihtesham ul Haq, Zia Ur Rahman, Kamran Ali Shah, Sajid Ullah 262-266
Comparative analysis of OFDM and GFDM PDF [Full Text]
Muhammad Sameen, Adnan A. Khan, Inam Ullah Khan, Nazia Azim, Tahir Zaidi, Naveed Iqbal 267-274
The Future of Wireless Technologies: The shift of Paradigm PDF [Full Text]
Zia Ur Rahman, Ihtesham ul Haq, Kamran Ali Shah, Mian Adil Shah 275-278

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